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Based on Lean-Innovation methods: the tool kit of tomorrow.

We embed Lean-Innovation into companies. Lean-Innovation is based on an ensemble of methods, which work like set screws, leading corporations onto tomorrow’s road of success. Data and customer needs are at the core of what enables working processes marked by speed and responsible teams – in an infinite loop. Because long term success means implementing Lean-Innovation methods in a way that enables teams to reproduce them all the time. The Output: Innovation, both of products and of the company steering it.


Since 2001, relantive has been your innovation expert, particularly in terms of speed, data and customer-centricity. Currently, we have organized our entire set of methods around Lean. We stand for constant customization, bringing about the best possible outcome here and now. What market research was for the 90s and user research for the new millennium, Lean Innovation methods are for the future: the key to success in a changing economic system.

Our Team.

Maximlian Schroth - Business Development

Maximlian Schroth

Business Development
Jan Mühlig - Founder & CEO

Jan Mühlig

Founder & CEO
Dirk Hofmann - Data & Innovation

Dirk Hofmann

Data & Innovation
Mayra Bautista - Design Thinking

Mayra Bautista

Design Thinking
Eva Zieten - UX Strategy Coach

Eva Zieten

UX Strategy Coach
Stas Vaisman - UX Strategy Consultant

Stas Vaisman

UX Strategy Consultant
Isabel Moning - User Research

Isabel Moning

User Research
Marlett Caprano - Finance & Controlling

Marlett Caprano

Finance & Controlling
David Gieseke - Interaction Design (Intern)

David Gieseke

Interaction Design (Intern)

In the relevantive network we bring in additional leading experts to challenge – and resolve – everything about innovation. They all have one thing in common: a passion for innovation and knowledge of the key success factors of shooting stars in the corporate world. We put all this at our clients’ service. Why?

Because sustainability begins with Lean-Innovation.


It doesn’t matter where you are now, it matters where you are headed. Are you already thinking Lean and want to be a UX Strategy Consultant, getting business ventures ready for the future? In that case, you’ve come to the right place. All you have to do now is convince us: