Lean Culture


Lean Culture

Culture is convincing because everyone in it has internalized its rules. Exactly the place where Lean Culture can take companies. We continually calibrate the procedure: We thoroughly analyze products, enable teams to quickly launch and evaluate products – focused on customers, based on data. Lean Culture is like a successful customization – only that measuring and adapting has become the key principle.



How Lean Culture begins.

It begins as a problem that conventional management tools can’t solve anymore. This often shows up in innovation-processes first. Why there? Because quickness and decisions based on data and customers have a direct impact on success – and this is where most startups that act quickly, lean and efficiently, strike.

How far does Lean Culture go.

We implement tomorrow’s factors of success deeply within your enterprise – through continuous Lean Sprints and accompanying consultation. Does it stop in the innovation stages? No way. Via a roll out of the 3 basics – quickness, data and client centricity – measurable success advances to all company spheres – and becomes its culture. Preparing for success:



Team structures

  • Even decision-making structures facilitate fast developments
  • Intrapreneurship is built on responsible team members
  • Product vision takes the lead, leadership becomes content-based

Development processes

  • Shorter release cycles establish a new market speed, minimizing cost from undesirable developments
  • Insights generated from data lead to product adjustments
  • A willingness to take risks promotes the development of innovation

Corporate Culture

  • Product vision takes charge of the enterprise
  • Customer needs take charge of the products

Data Analysis

  • Data can be “read”, making quick product adjustments possible
  • Data become transparent and help to promote speed
  • Constant measuring prevents costly aberrations

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